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What is it?

The myLotus monitor is a hand-held, home-based monitor that measures the LH (Luteinising Hormone) concentration in your urine sample and helps you to see when you will ovulate. Because it measures the actual amount of LH in the urine sample, it works for all woman and can help every woman to find very easily the optimal time to have intercourse to get pregnant. The myLotus system consists of a monitor, LH (ovulation) test sticks and hCG (pregnancy) test sticks. It also comes with a free downloadable App to store the data and visualise your hormonal profile.

How does it work?

Just turn the monitor on and follow its instructions. Each day the monitor will tell you what test you need to do. After running each ovulation test, transfer your result on the App to see your own LH surge (in a graph format). Within 24-36 hours after the LH surge, ovulation will occur. This is the best time to have intercourse in order to get pregnant. In order to confirm your pregnancy, the monitor at the end of your cycle will also ask you to do a pregnancy test.

How much does it cost?

You can choose between three myLotus starter pack sizes, which each include your handheld monitor and up to 60LH strips and 9 HCG (pregnancy test) strips allowing for up to 6 cycles of testing. Prices range from €164 (20LH strips + 3 HCG tests) €215 (40LH strips + 6 HCG tests) and €263 (60LH strips + 9 HCG tests). Refill LH and HCG strips can also be purchased for €54 per 20 LH strips and €54 per 9 HCG strips.

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What are people are saying about myLotus?

How does myLotus work?

What people are saying about myLotus

"The my lotus fertility tracker and the team behind it are invaluable, trustworthy, helpful, accurate, simple, easy and the best product out there for helping you ttc.”
Tracey from Salford

"It has really been invaluable to me, not only for having a better idea of what was going on with my cycle but also my mental health as it's given me a little bit more control so I don't feel totally helpless/useless in this whole situation."

Martha from Wales

"the myLotus device is an absolute god-send as it's shown how off we were  with predicting ovulation previously!"

Alison from the UK

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