Infertility Bloggers Unite

//Infertility Bloggers Unite

Infertility Bloggers Unite

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myLotus was pleased to sponsor the ‘Infertility Bloggers Unite’ event (10th May 2018) at the first ever Fertility Fest in London.

During the event, bloggers discussed the issues surrounding infertility and the internet, building an online community and also shared their personal experiences trying to conceive.

Not Everyone’s Fertility Journey is the Same…

The workshop, hosted by Fertility Fest founders Jessica Hepburn and Gabby Vautier, was attended by bloggers, each of whom had different experiences relating to infertility. Some women were still trying to conceive, undergoing multiple IVF attempts and conception methods, whereas others considered that their fertility journeys were at an end – highlighting the fact that everyone’s conception journey is unique and personal to them.

Creating a Community

The great thing about bloggers sharing their infertility journeys is that they can connect with others who may be going through a similar experience – it creates a sense of community in what can be an emotional and sometimes difficult situation. While some bloggers were ‘out and open’ about their struggles to conceive, others wanted to remain anonymous. However, the unifying factor between these two points of view was the overriding aim to raise awareness, generally about infertility and how it affects people.

Introducing myLotus to the blogosphere

So, why did myLotus decide to sponsor this event? To spread the word and raise awareness about unexplained infertility and the role of the Luteinising Hormone (LH). LH is the most reliable indicator of impending ovulation and knowing your personal LH concentration levels can actually help you to identify your fertile days more effectively. Many women struggling to conceive have an LH base level that is either below or above the ‘normal’ range. myLotus measures your personal LH hormone concentration levels, providing you with information that you can share with your doctor, to help you improve your chances to conceive. Interestingly, when the bloggers were asked if they knew about LH and how tracking your base hormone levels can help to identify your most fertile days, very few said ‘yes’, demonstrating the need to spread this information further among those who are experiencing problems conceiving.

Our Aim

myLotus’ aim is to educate women about the importance of LH and how to identify your personal ‘surge’, in order to understand any irregularities you may have. The myLotus Monitor can help women track their most fertile days, and ultimately help increase their probability of conceiving. Information is everything!

Stay updated about the launch date of myLotus this summer by checking our website and following our Twitter page here!

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