myLotus meets the needs of women with unexplained infertility

//myLotus meets the needs of women with unexplained infertility

myLotus meets the needs of women with unexplained infertility

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New research from The Fertility Show highlights the demand for myLotus.

myLotus attended the 2018 Fertility Show in Manchester on March 24-25, to exclusively preview the brand new and advanced myLotus Fertility Monitor due to launch this summer. During the two-day event, we discussed the issue of infertility, connected with hundreds of women trying to conceive and conducted research to better understand the surrounding issues women face with infertility.

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Fertility Insights

NEW research1 reveals that over half of women surveyed don’t know why they have problems conceiving, with the most common issue being that they do not know how to identify their fertile days. All women are different – some have very low or high fertility hormone concentration base levels – and detecting fertile days may be a struggle. That is until now – the myLotus Fertility Monitor provides users with the classic + and – result but it is the only home fertility monitor in the UK that also tells you what your personal hormone concentration levels are.

Do you know your LH Levels?

An accurate way to identify your personal fertile days is to measure the changes in your fertility hormones. One of your key fertility hormones is the Luteinising Hormone (LH), which is the most reliable indicator of impending ovulation. Almost one quarter of women revealed they do not know about LH levels and their impact on fertility, highlighting the importance of raising awareness of how the hormone can affect women, especially those trying to conceive.

If you are struggling to conceive it could be that your base LH level is either below or above the normal range. Therefore, knowing your base LH hormone concentration level will help you and your doctor to take corrective actions.

Unexplained Infertility

According to survey results1, unexplained infertility is one of the most common reasons couples struggle to conceive, with 21% of women diagnosed with this condition. Unexplained infertility is just that – unexplained, doctors cannot find any clinical reason why you or your partner might not be able to conceive.

The good news is that the myLotus Fertility Monitor can be used by women who want to boost their chances of getting pregnant, including those who have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

The future of fertility & moving forward with myLotus

100% of women revealed they would be interested in the concept of a fertility monitoring system that can detect the concentration of personal fertility hormone levels1. And further still, 48.5% are looking to use ovulation tests/a fertility monitor as their next step to help them to conceive 1.

So, what does this mean? This research indicates the need for a specific fertility monitoring system that enables women to detect their personal hormone concentration levels at home to speed up their time to pregnancy – and myLotus does exactly this.

In addition, myLotus comes with a free downloadable app to work in conjunction with the fertility monitor, providing valuable information which can be shared with your doctor to improve the chances of conception even further.

Interested? Stay tuned for more updates of myLotus, due to launch this summer, by checking our website and following our Twitter page HERE!

1. Source: Research conducted by Concepta with 38 women at the UK Fertility Show (March 2018).

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