Positive results in hospital evaluations

//Positive results in hospital evaluations

Positive results in hospital evaluations

2019-03-19T15:06:03+00:0015 February 2018|

myLotus was found to show high result correlations to laboratory testing in hospital evaluations in China.

Over a 12 week period (August – November 2017) the myLotus ovulation tests and pregnancy urine tests were compared to laboratory blood tests in 2 hospitals in China.

64 women participated in the LH (Luteinising Hormone) ovulation tests and 59 women in the hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) pregnancy tests.

The results of the hospital evaluation for ovulation testing showed 100% correlation between myLotus and laboratory blood tests. The evaluation also included a comparison with a leading home test. As myLotus also provides quantitative results, the evaluation showed that it is possible for women who commonly experience weaker positives to ascertain exactly when they are about to ovulate much more accurately in comparison to using the existing commercially available home tests.

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