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myLotus App

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myLotus App – your fertility at your fingertips

myLotus App

What is it?

The myLotus Fertility App allows you to track your fertility on your mobile device. You can monitor your fertility hormone concentration levels, how they change during your monthly cycle and when you are most fertile. The myLotus App allows you to graphically track and view your monthly Luteinising Hormone (LH) profile and identify your most fertile days. Even if your LH base level is above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a measured (quantitative) result which differs from traditional (qualitative) ovulation tests. You can enter your LH results into the app, view your LH profile, check your trends and establish your most fertile time for sex. The app can store details from your past tests and previous cycles and can provide valuable information for your doctor to help improve your chance of conception.

myLotus Fertility App Features

Ovulation Test

The calendar has been designed for ease of use. The clean and simple interface allows you to identify in just one glance: the previous, current and next cycles, the average cycle length, bleeding days, test days with regards to ovulation (LH surge) and pregnancy (hCG) testing. You can also keep a diary note of the days when sexual activity took place.

You can confirm your bleeding days in just one tap! You can also specify the intensity of your periods with an extra tap. The app allows you to: Specify bleeding intensity, change the day your period started, change the day your period ended and mark days when spotting occurred without periods.

You can enter your LH test results into the app for easy reference in just 3 taps: Tap on the day, “add result” and enter the LH test result displayed on the myLotus Fertility Monitor screen, the “+” or “-“ result as well as the measurement of LH. The information is immediately reflected in your calendar and is also displayed on your historical cycle graph.

An hCG Test is usually requested 12 days after your first positive LH result. You can enter the result into the app for easy reference. Tap on the day, scroll to “Pregnancy Test (hCG)”, tap “add result” and enter the “+” or “-“ test result as displayed on the myLotus Fertility Monitor screen.

More Features


The app lets you set reminders for the time you would like to take an LH or hCG test. Reminder messages can be customised to make them discrete.


The app allows you to write notes related to the day and mark the days when you had sex. The sexual activity symbol will be displayed in your monthly calendar.


The myLotus app allows you to visually track and graph your monthly LH profile. When you tap “graph” at the bottom of your calendar the page turns into an easy to read fertility cycle graph displaying the current and two previous LH profiles. The cycle days underneath the graph allow you to see your optimal fertile days. The Fertility Cycle Graph is an intuitive tool to identify the most fertile days in your cycle.


The myLotus app allows you to view your previous cycles. You can see on what day you had your first positive LH result. You can also see when you had a positive hCG result. The app stores details from your past tests and up to 12 previous cycles along with the current cycle.

myLotus App
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The myLotus Starter Pack contains sufficient
test sticks to cover 3 cycles.

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