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myLotus Journey allows you, for the first time, to view your changing hormone levels, your ovulation window and your fertility cycle, all within the comfort of your own home!

Whilst we can’t guarantee a baby we can guarantee to do everything naturally possible to get you pregnant and support you through the process, by using hospital standard, accurate hormone measurement technology. Most importantly it allows you greater insight and control over your own personal fertility signature, enabling you to take the right steps in the future and to change your fertility journey.

Step 1

  • Register for your personal myLotus journey
  • Download your myLotus App
  • Receive your myLotus 6mth Journey Pack

Step 2

  • Initial consultation with your personal journey coordinator
  • Creation of your individually designed step by step programme of contact and support throughout your journey to pregnancy
  • Support with Monitor and App set up if required

Step 3

  • Your personal journey coordinator and our medical team will begin to chart and monitor your daily readings and information creating a full week by week view of your LH levels, ovulation symptoms and personal feedback.
  • From the very first month your journey will consist of weekly updates and support, at the end of each month our fertility experts will carry out a full evaluation of your personal data, your personal journey coordinator will then help you to plan for the following month. Our fertility experts will also offer support and advice on health, wellness and fertility issues.
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Throughout each consecutive month your personal coordinator will talk through any questions or concerns that you have in your personal contact sessions on the phone or by video calls.


Month One

Creating an outline of your personal menstrual cycle, LH surge and ovulation pattern

Month Two

Recognizing your personal LH signature

Month Three

Your personal journey coordinator and our medical experts will have an excellent understanding of your personal signature, unique menstrual cycle and ovulation pattern; fully empowering you to pursue a natural pregnancy with pinpoint precision

By month 3 any irregularities or concerns that come to light can be addressed with your GP, your personal coordinator will create a full catalogue of your journey to enable your doctor to fully understand your cycle and any required intervention or future referrals.

The journey is based on a 6-month supported journey to fully support you and help you achieve a natural conception. If this is not achieved, we will refund up to 75% of any payments made for personal supported journey.

myLotus committed to getting you pregnant!

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