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myLotus Journey allows you, for the first time, to view your changing hormone levels, your ovulation window and your fertility cycle, all within the comfort of your own home!

Whilst we can’t guarantee a baby we can guarantee to do everything naturally possible to get you pregnant and support you through the process, by using hospital standard, accurate hormone measurement technology. Most importantly it allows you insight and control over your own personal fertility signature, enabling you to take the right steps along your fertility journey, to improve chances of a natural pregnancy.

Supporting you along every step…

With our highly experienced team [including fertility specialists and nursing experts] and your personally assigned journey support coordinator we will enable you to effectively build your hormone data profile to exhaust all of the possible ways to achieve your natural pregnancy. Regular contact and review of your personal data will also mean that your coordinator will come on your journey with you and will be on hand to support you with any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Technology & Experience

After many years’ investment in the myLotus technology, we are confident that myLotus will help you to track your LH surge and pending ovulation, indicate the optimal time to conceive and when to test for pregnancy, all with the added support of your own experienced personal journey coordinator.

Programme Breakdown

Your journey will typically be set over six months with each month consisting of a minimum of four consultations with your assigned journey coordinator providing weekly support. Your personal coordinator will then arrange an additional thorough evaluation consultation at the end of each cycle within the six month journey to review all information and create a step-by-step plan for the following month.
Throughout each cycle you will also receive additional information, support, healthy living advice and guidance and other relevant guidance to help you achieve a successful natural pregnancy.

Onward referral and support

Support will also be offered as part of your programme (where appropriate) and following a successful pregnancy or ongoing treatment we will provide you with a full comprehensive breakdown of your charts, graphs and journey for future reference.

We look forward to welcoming you on your myLotus Journey and supporting you on your pathway to pregnancy!

Costs & Payments

The myLotus Journey can be paid for in full, or via our instalment payment plan. With each option you will receive:

• myLotus monitor
• 6 x Packs of LH tests (120 LH testing sticks)
• 6 x Packs of HCG tests (18 HCG testing sticks)
• Weekly and monthly support and guidance on your fertility and pregnancy journey

Payment Plan

• Initial payment of €559 covering the myLotus monitor and tests
• 5 monthly instalments of €296 for the journey consultation, support and guidance

When things don’t quite work out as planned?

We know that the information that myLotus provides may not always be what you want to see. As myLotus is the only fertility monitor that shows your daily rate-of-change in hormone levels, it may indicate that ovulation is about to take place, or in some cases not, therefore requiring further investigation. By building your monthly cycle signature and then following your subsequent monthly cycles users are able to predict when they are likely to ovulate giving them the best possible chance of a natural conception. The myLotus difference of knowing when your ovulation is pending is far more important when trying to conceive rather than knowing it has already happened which is typical of existing qualitative test methods.

No sign of ovulation is never welcome news when you are trying to get pregnant, but with myLotus we continue to support and direct your journey based on our findings from your monthly cycle. We are conscious of the emotions and difficulties of trying to get pregnant and we strive to deliver a cost-effective way to meet your own personal needs and preferences and we will refund any monthly payments that you have made should you wish to end your supported journey early. Using your information graphs and charts, gathered during your myLotus Journey will enable your fertility consultant to provide insight and guidance to understand your personal hormonal signature and potential fertility needs should you require treatment along your pregnancy journey.

We also recognise that IVF and other assisted reproduction services are both emotionally difficult and highly expensive. We believe in fair and reasonable pricing for our services and if after completing your six months myLotus Journey you are not pregnant we will refund up to 75% of your full journey payment.

Terms and conditions apply

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