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Increasing your chances of getting pregnant – naturally

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myLotus – tracking your individual fertility journey

Fertility Monitor

What is it?

myLotus is a new home fertility testing and pregnancy tracking device. It shows what is happening in your body with your fertility hormones, how these change during your monthly cycle and when you are most fertile. It measures your fertility hormone levels in the privacy of your home giving you greater insight and understanding of your monthly cycle. myLotus consists of a monitor, ovulation and pregnancy tests together with a free downloadable app.


What does it provide?

LH concentration levels

myLotus provides a “+” and “–” fertility test result and a measure of how much Luteinising Hormone (LH) is present in your urine. LH concentration levels increase as your body prepares to ovulate. myLotus helps provide you with a window on your ovulation and fertility phase.

monthly LH profile

myLotus allows you to graphically track and view your monthly LH profile and identify your most fertile days. Even if your LH base level is above or below the normal range, myLotus provides a measured (quantitative) result which differs from traditional (qualitative) ovulation tests.

 LH profile and compare

You can continue to test for the whole menstrual cycle to build up a complete picture of your LH profile and compare against your earlier and historic cycles.

LH test result

allows you to test for pregnancy following a ‘+’ LH test result

monthly LH profile

You can now personally and conveniently test your fertility levels at home.

myLotus – your personalised
fertility monitoring solution

Clear quantitative results

myLotus measures your Luteinising Hormone (LH) concentration level from a simple urine sample and provides a personal profile of your fertile days which can be viewed in your app. No more interpretation of lines or symbols.

Easy tracking of your results

You can enter your LH results into the FREE downloadable “myLotus” app, view your profile, check your trends and establish your most fertile time for sex, i.e. the estimated timing of ovulation and the optimal time for sexual intercourse. With myLotus you can now gain insight into your individual hormone profile. Data is stored and can be shared with your doctor to help improve your chance of conception.

Clinically proven

myLotus is a breakthrough in home based fertility monitoring with results equivalent to those from lab based testing. *

*myLotus was tested over a 12 week period (August – November 2017) in 2 hospitals in China against the in-house laboratory testing method of the hospital. 111 women participated in LH testing and 100 women in hCG testing. The results of the hospital evaluation for ovulation testing showed a 100% correlation of myLotus with blood tests. myLotus was as accurate as the laboratory testing method to identify the LH surge.

myLotus consists of a monitor,
ovulation and pregnancy tests
together with a free downloadable app.


myLotus app – available for FREE.

The myLotus app can be used
as a stand alone fertility tracker,
but works best in combination
with the myLotus Fertility Monitor.

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