myLotus Fertility Ovulation Test (LH) refill pack (1 pack of 20 tests)

myLotus Fertility Ovulation Test (LH) refill pack (1 pack of 20 tests)

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  • Over 99% accurate based on laboratory tests showing a positive result at 40mIU/mL
  • Easy to use.
  • Each test is individually wrapped in a protective foil pouch.
  • Urine cups and pipettes are provided for each test.


myLotus Monitor

  • myLotusis a small hand-held dual purpose monitor allowing home testing for ovulation (LH test) and pregnancy (hCG test).
  • myLotus consists of a Monitor, ovulation test sticks (LH tests) and pregnancy test sticks (hCG tests). Test refill packs are sold separately.
  • myLotus allows you to quantitively and graphically track and view your monthly LH profile and identify your most fertile days in the fertility app or in graph paper provided in the ovulation test pack.
  • myLotus App is available for free for Android and iOS devices.
  • myLotus is cFDA registered and CE certified product
  • myLotus is not intended for contraceptive use.It is not suitable if you:
    • are pregnant or have been pregnant within the last 3 months (even if not carried to term),
    • have reached the menopause,
    • are on hormonal contraception,
    • are on fertility treatment (fertility drugs containing Luteinising Hormone – LH or human Chorionic Gonadotropin – hCG) or hormone replacement therapy.
    • are using any treatment, which may affect your menstrual cycle, including oestrogens, progesterone (which can be found in birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy) or testosterone.
  • The myLotus Fertility Monitor pack contains 1 Monitor, 1 USB cable, 1 charger and 1 Instruction Booklet. Rechargeable batteries are included in the Monitor and cannot be removed. A cable to recharge the battery is supplied with the Monitor.

myLotus Ovulation Tests

The myLotus Ovulation Tests (sold separately) measure the hormone concentration levels of the Luteinising hormone (LH) in your urine and are used by the myLotus Fertility Monitor to show your LH surge. The LH surge occurs approximately 24-48 hours prior to ovulation. The day your LH surge is detected and the day after are your 2 most fertile days. After 10 minutes you can read the result on the myLotus Fertility Monitor screen. You will see a positive or negative symbol as well as the concentration level of LH, measured in milli-international units per millilitre (mIU/mL). A strong positive result can show you the + symbol earlier than 10 minutes. For the final quantitative result always wait for the full 10 minutes.

The myLotus Ovulation Tests are individually wrapped in a protective aluminium foil. Plastic cups and pipettes are provided for each test to collect and test your urine. Nowadays most women are used to a midstream urine test format. myLotus takes away the common concern of whether too much or too little urine was applied. In each ovulation test stick pack you will find 20 ovulation test sticks as the myLotus Fertility Monitor will ask for a maximum of 20 tests each cycle if your LH surge has not been detected. As myLotus measures your personal LH hormone concentration levels, it is suitable for all women who try to conceive, also for women with irregular cycles and PCOS.

myLotus Pregnancy Tests

The myLotus pregnancy tests (sold separately) measure the presence of the pregnancy hormone human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine, the hormone that indicates whether you are pregnant.

The myLotus Pregnancy Test:

Provides an easy-to-read result after 10 minutes. A strong positive result may be displayed earlier.

Over 99% accurate in laboratory testing in detecting pregnancy from the day the period is due.
You can test up to 2 days before your period is due.

The myLotus Pregnancy Tests are individually wrapped in a protective aluminium foil. Plastic cups and pipettes are provided for each test to collect and test your urine.

The myLotus Pregnancy Test comes in a pack of 3 tests. The mylotus Fertility Monitor will ask you to do a pregnancy (hCG) test, if your LH surge has been detected, to see if you are likely to be pregnant. The Monitor records the day of your LH and hCG tests.

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