How myLotus is helping women to succeed on their fertility journey

We love to share in the real lives of all our women, whether it’s giving supportive advice, answering questions, or receiving your updates. Our women have been on interesting conception journeys of their own, and they’d love to share their story with you too.

Myself and my partner are in our late 30s and decided we wanted to start trying for children. We tried the normal vitamin supplements and over the counter ovulation tests but after 18 months had not conceived. As reasonably healthy people we knew age was a factor, so decided to try the lotus fertility monitor as a more specific aid for ovulation. It’s an easy monitor to set up and use and importantly is very specific to you, your cycle and hormone levels and the support from customer care (in what can be an anxious time) is excellent, I could not rate it more highly. We liked that the monitor shows the exact level of LH in urine so you can tell exactly (I mean exactly) when your peak is. This is why it is miles above any other fertility aids. After just two months of using the monitor we had the lovely news that we are now expecting a baby. Good health management and the correct vitamins is very important, but I feel we can put our success down to lotus and their support. Please get a hold of one, and don’t lose hope. Ever! With love to all the couples trying.
Naomi from Scotland
myLotus couldn’t have been a better purchase if it tried. From the moment I came across it on instagram it just made so much sense to buy. Having been told it could possibly be a harder route for me to fall pregnant, I wanted something I could trust to help me and something which made total sense. MyLotus easily explains all the different features of how to use it, and the fact that it produces an individualised LH level for each ovulation test is quite frankly genius. This allowed me to track my ovulation in such a concise way that I felt in safe hands. The app is an added bonus which uses your data to inform you when you should be taking a pregnancy test and stores all your test results if you ever need to look back over or show your doctor. We fell pregnant within our first cycle of using MyLotus and I feel passionately that this was purely down to it. My average LH levels were quite low so only MyLotus would have been able to catch my spike using the numerical factor. The added bonus of MyLotus was the 9 pregnancy tests the pack comes with, which I happily used every single one to quadruple check I really was pregnant.
Isabel from London
We used the monitor for 2 cycles and conceived on our 2nd cycle. Your monitor is amazing and really shows the surge whether it´s long or short, it´s especially suitable for people who don´t have normal cycle like myself but even if my cycle was normal I would now use it and will be telling all my friends and family about your monitor.
I’m 32, have been trying to conceive for about 1.5 years now. I’ve been using My Lotus for 2 months and found it really good. I have been using Clearblue ovulation kits but they were so expensive and I found that I’d use their digital monitor and it would give me a positive but then id also use their disposable ones and it wouldn’t so it was very confusing. After using myLotus it’s become clear that Clearblue were way off. I’ve discovered I seem to ovulate later than ‘the average’ and so it was no wonder we weren’t having any luck if Clearblue were telling us the wrong time of the month! I honestly think using My Lotus has taken some stress away from the ovulation testing. It becomes routine and because you’re watching numbers rather than just waiting for the positive, it somehow helps! Hopefully we will have some positive news soon!
Helen from Manchester
The myLotus app is very useful with the tester, which is very easy to use. Just switch it on everyday and it will tell you which test to do, or input days of menstruation. The testing pack itself is very nicely conceived with a pipette and container actually supporting the testing.” I have used My Lotus to track my LH surges to see when is the optimum fertility time, which is really helpful when I am trying for a baby. With the app, I can keep track of the LH surge and also learn more about my cycle.
Anushka from London

I just want to express a really huge thank you for all the support you gave and investigations you performed to help me to figure out what was going on. It has really been invaluable to me, not only for having a better idea of what was going on with my cycle but also my mental health as it’s given me a little bit more control so I don’t feel totally helpless/useless in this whole situation.

Martha from Wales

I received the my lotus fertility tracker in January, it was easy to charge and set up really clear instructions on how to use and the monitor itself is small and sleek so quite pretty in your bedroom. Also as a note I’ve only ever had to charge it once the battery life is really good. So I set up and checked my lh levels daily, I was quite shocked to learn that I havnt actually been ovulating. For a back story we have been ttc for just over 2 years and the doctors were reluctant to assist as I’d had a child when I was a lot younger. After 3-4 months with no ovulation I was able to bring this information to them and I’m now being referred which is fantastic news and I would of never known if it wasn’t for this monitor. Compared to other opks this is ridiculously accurate it gives you your exact lh reading and also with the app you are able to keep check or there is the option to do this manually on a chart. The company service is reassuring, caring and prompt they contact you regularly and every member is so friendly and helpful. For what is a stressful and confusing time for most couples this device gives you much more clarity and ability to view and keep track of your cycle the app has access to many support systems too. I can’t recommend this product enough, with me it’s saved me so much time as I now know I don’t ovulate it has been invaluable. Overall I find my lotus fertility tracker and the team behind it invaluable, trustworthy, helpful, accurate, simple, easy and the best product out there for helping you ttc.

Tracey from Salford,

This technology has brilliant potential. If in the future your offering was extended to other hormones such as oestradiol or progesterone. I could see it being HUGE as it would reduce a lot of the inconvenience and cost of having to get these tests done separately.Overall, I’m very happy with the purchase. It’s really incredibly useful to have a monitor that actually tracks and tells you what your LH levels are. I found that super helpful. It helped me to successfully identify my LH surge, almost down to the hour! (I used several sticks on the day of predicted ovulation to track the LH levels…it perfectly complemented the other methods that I was using to track ovulation (including cheap OPK strips, Clear Blue Fertility Monitor and Clear Blue Advanced Digital) and really took the guesswork out of it

Yui from the UK

I just want to say that the device is an absolute god-send as it’s shown how off we were with predicting ovulation previously!

Alison from the UK

MyLotus has been helpful to detect the LH surge, I’ve only used it for one full cycle (on the second cycle now). I find it much better than the standard OPKs due to the detail provided and the app alongside it is helpful to log the results.

Nadia from London

I was very excited upon the arrival of myLotus monitor. It arrived with perfect timing for my cycle dates which was great. I didn’t have to wait to start using it!  Firstly the packaging is fab, the box lined in pink is a nice touch! I set up the machine quite easily following the instruction manual. I made a mistake with the date, which was easily rectified. So I began testing and recording the info into the myLotus app. It was very easy to use, I got the hang of it and felt confident I was doing the right thing after just a couple of uses. I love the flexibility of the monitor to be able not to test if you know you don’t need to on a particular day. The app is easy to use and shows you your LH levels on a graph which is a great visual aid. It really points out the peak fertile time. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of each day on the app you can record the days you are intimate with a heart. I used the detailed recordings at a fertility consultation to demonstrate my rise and fall of LH, cycle length, length of period etc. The battery life of the machine is fantastic. I have only charged it twice, once when it first arrived and once more! I can see this monitor would be amazing for people with irregular cycles, it’s so flexible and you can test every day if necessary so you don’t miss your peak surge. I’m really happy with myLotus fertility monitor, here’s hoping I get a positive pregnancy test soon!

Sally from the UK
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